Passing down the snack food aisle at CVS today on my way to pick up a magazine I could't help but notice this brand of cookies on the market called "Who Nu" - after a double take and a few pics with my iphone I decided it just begged for an exposéWith claims like "as much fiber as a bowl of oatmeal", "as much vitamin C as a cup of blueberries", "as much vitamin E as 2 cups of carrot juice, "as much vitamin A as two cups of tomato juice" etc yet ingredients like sugar (as the first ingredient none the less) and wheat flour (not even whole grain which means its been stripped of all fiber and nutrition not to mention GMO). Watch Robert Lustig, "Sugar the Bitter Truth" on ABC to learn more about the sugar/disease connection and why this company's claims couldn't be further from the truth. Ok sure, the manufacturer has basically crushed up a vitamin and added it to the mix - and because of this is allowed by the FDA to make these tall and arguably false claims. But lets face it - to market this product as a nutritional food is just wrong on so many levels.  There is no substitute for whole, organic fruits, vegetables and grains when it comes to maximizing intake of disease-fighting vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants, nutrients and fiber. Bottom line - Suncore Products is utilizing deceptive marketing practices to sell these products and sadly is marketing directly to kids and teenagers. They are proof that (1) consumer packaged companies will say anything to twist a marketing message to their advantage to sell their products and (2) the FDA, the very government agency that is supposed to monitor these claims for their validity and accuracy has no idea what real nutrition is and (3) If it tastes to good to be true it is!