Residents of Campodimele, a medieval village in Southern Italy, are famous for  their health and longevity. Campodimele – whose name comes from the Latin campus mellis, or ‘field of honey’ – is known to breed nonogenarians and centenarians. Their "secret"? Eating a varied diet full of organic local produce, remaining physically active through their lifetime, and living life free of stress (no rushing around here - just a daily routine of lingering over a nice healthy meal with family). Michael Varbaek and Diane Haworth are longevity researchers who are currently filming a documentary on longevity. They were traveling throughout 2011, continuing in 2012 to longevity hotspots across the globe. They are filming and documenting the lifestyles and habits of the “long lived people” in the areas with the highest concentrations of centenarians and super centenarians (110 years of age and older) and Campodimele was on the list of locations, as well as Sardinia and Simi, Greece. Click here to learn more about their study.