Every parent knows that feeding their children more fruits and vegetables are an important part of a healthy diet - one that strengthens their immune system and also helps fuel their developing body and minds with mother nature's essential nutrients that simply can not be found in a package. The challenge is always in the execution. Try this easy "art project" at home and watch them gobble up those very same foods that they would normally turn away- its all in the packaging!! Just puree bags of frozen fruit with almond milk or any desired liquid in a blender to desired consistency and pour into squeeze bottles (save those ketchup containers if you don't have these handy). Give your child a white plate for their "canvas" and watch them create. Don't forget to hand them a spoon to taste their creation - for added fun turn it into a game and have them guess the fruit or veggie. We used mangoes for yellow, blackberry for violet, strawberry for pink, and baby kale with banana for green.