There is a reason why the Vitamix costs 3-4x the average blender on the market- it is 5x stronger! It has such a strong horsepower motor, you can blend and grind down whole fruits and veggies into liquid form. Not only is this convenient but healthier- take this raw apple sauce recipe- (it's so simple I almost hesitate to really call it that) but you can drop in the whole apple, seeds skin and all (make sure it's organic - apple orchards are notorious for using lots of pesticides) and just turn it on, after a few seconds you have a delicious apple sauce that is full of fiber, antioxidants and flavor. Not to mention nutrition - the fact that it is raw means its teaming with live enzymes and nutrients that would otherwise be destroyed in the store bought cooked/processed version. Even the seeds have traces of cyanide, which are considered to have powerful cancer fighting compounds. Mix it into yogurt, spoon it into oatmeal or pancake mix, use as an oil replacement in any brownie or muffin mix, or simply serve it as a side dish or snack. 

Raw Apple Sauce

2 apples
1/8 tsp apple spice mix

Wash apples and slice into quarters. Drop into vitamix with spice and blend until light brown in color and all skin is visibly ground up.