At the recent HEALING CANCER WORLD SUMMIT 2012 - Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez (of the alternative cancer treatment center Oasis of Hope) weighed in with his thoughts on what causes cancer: "Well even though it’s a very complicated issue, we know that cancer is caused by mutations in the DNA when a mother cell is transferring that information to the daughter cell. And those mutations, those changes in the DNA, are basically caused by outside intrusions, especially from chemicals, and also from the fact that the immune system then cannot get rid of that aberrant daughter cell. So it’s a combination of environmental factors and immune system deficiencies, and when these two things couple together, then a tumor will appear."
We can infer that cancer is caused by a disruption of normal body functioning, which is usually a result of excessive stress, toxins in the environment, lack of nutrients or emotional trauma. Certainly there are other things that contribute to causing cancer, but for the most part, if you look at almost any cancer you’ll see one, two or even more of these factors.
We must all take responsibility for our health and well being and ask ourselves "what am I doing to remove, reduce or eliminate these contributing factors in my life?".