I started this effort in 2012 after losing both my husband Michael (age 45) and father Santo (age 67) to cancer. Thirteen years earlier I also lost my cousin Ornella to cancer at 38. Experiencing such deep personal loss in my family and witnessing the pain and suffering that goes along with this disease has led me towards making a personal commitment to learning as much as possible about cancer prevention and causes. 

Food is Medicine

What we put on our forks and in our mouths has the power to feed our fight disease. It can takes years for cancer to form in our bodies as we are constantly exposed to toxins throughout our lifetime. Whether it be alcohol, smoking, excessive fast food, or simply exposure to carcinogens in the air we breath and pesticides from the conventional foods we eat - over time these poisons have the potential to weaken our immune system and cause cancers to form. However a healthy diet and lifestyle can proactively arm us with a strong immune system that can protect us from such disease. It is never too early to start with the prevention mindset, and with no compromise to taste and joy of food. CAPE's mission is to provide programming in the community that helps to spread the message and inspire more families to adopt healthier lifestyles. 

Our Name

How did CAPE get its name? For obvious reasons (it stands for our mission... Cancer Awareness Prevention and Education). But more than that, it also symbolizes a means of protection - think super heroes for your health! The name also represents Cape Cod, in honor of my husband Michael Walsh and his favorite place on earth; a place of pure natural abundance, where at CAPE we believe is the root of all health.

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