Art of Healthy Eating: 

We are partnered with the Boston Public Market as well as Whole Foods to offer a program designed to educate families and children of the community about the importance of childhood nutrition via workshops and classes that introduce plant-based foods in a fun, festive and interactive way. 

April 2014 Harvard Kent Health and Wellness Fair: The children of the Harvard Kent school at "Spring into Health with Fruit and Veggie Power" - a hands on class where children had the opportunity to create their own "flowers" out of fruit and vegetables. 


Sept 2013-May 2014 2014 Good Shepherd School, Charlestown MA Below are select photos from the pilot program offered to 70 children at a private preschool in Charlestown, where monthly lessons were offered to encourage children to eat more whole foods by exploring how to leverage fruits and vegetables for hands on, age appropriate ediblearts and crafts.

Celebrating St. Patrick's Day healthy style with the kids with these green fruit and veg kabobs…arts and crafts and healthy eating rolled into one stick.

Above: Christmas "Canes" without the Candy - sliced bananas and strawberries arranged in the form of a candy cane.  


Turkey "Toasts" - kids spread apple butter over whole grain bread and made turkey faces out of 

chocolate chips, sliced red pepper and whole grain corn chips. 

Hannah from Whole Foods showing the class how to make heart and star "stamps" out of beets.