Healthy Snacking Lessons Go Live at Good Shepherd School

CAPE is proud to begin offering healthy snacking lessons at the Good Shepherd preschool in Charlestown, MA. Each month, we will be focused on working directly with the students of the school to provide a hands-on opportunity to learn about nutrition in a fun, age and developmentally appropriate setting. Our program kick off took place in October following National Kale Day, where we offered students an opportunity to tear up kale leaves that we turned into kale chips, which they were happy to sample and also had the students participate in a kale leaf rubbing project, where they got to turn each of their leaves into a piece of unique artwork.  

October 2nd is National Kale Day!

Kale is truly a superfood - it helps fight cancer, cardiovascular disease, obesity, ulcers, macular degeneration, and diabetes. Become a Kale Hero - a true ambassador of change - and get involved with your childrens school and your local community to promote adding more Kale to the standard American diet  today. Download the Kale Hero tool kit, which has great ideas and info such as Kale leaf rubbing project, nutritional facts and fun new recipes and make a difference in someone else's health and our planet. Download kit: resources/kale-hero-toolkit.pdf

Back to School!

After meeting dozens of health coaches in the past year who have attended the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, the largest Online Nutrition school in the world based out of NYC, and learning about all the wonderful ways in which they have gone on to launch small businesses focused on assisting others lead healthier lifestyles, I have decided to enroll in their 12 month certification program. I am super excited about this program and all that I will learn, as well as the community of other health conscious students I am connecting with and learning from. Beginning March 2014 I will be pre-certified to begin offering one on one health coaching sessions with clients. If you or someone you know might be interested in working with me to become the healthiest happiest person you can be, check back with me in the Spring! Some sample types of session topics I plan to offer in my Health Coaching Program include:

* Pantry Purge - I will work with you to clear out your cabinets and fridge of foods that are holding you back and make room for the best foods that will give you optimalenergy and vitality

* Supermarket Tours - lets walk the aisles of the grocery store and figure out what the best foods are for your budget, lifestyle and family needs 

* Kitchen Basics - are you set up for success? Debating a vitamix or juicer? Do you have a slow cooker? Lets work together to make sure your kitchen has all the essentials to support your everyday nutrition and health goals

* Recipe Makeovers - lets visit some of your favorite recipes and see whether they are in line with your health needs and goals and see about making tweaks to improve nutritional value

* Vitamix 101 - have a high speed blender at home and wanting to put it to use? We can work together to test and sample recipes for drinks, soups, sauces, dips and desserts. 

* Going Vegan or Vegetarian - curious about incorporating more veggies into your diet or even trying a vegetarian or vegan diet? It can seem daunting and difficult to feel satisfied at first - but over time your pallet and body may surprise you as you dabble in this style of eating. Together we will work through a plan that will ease you into adding more plant based foods into your diet. Even if just a few days a week - a plant based diet has been proven to add life to your years and years to your life. Not to mention be your thinnest self yet :)

* Controlling Cravings - ever notice how certain foods make you feel sluggish and tired while others make you feel alive and give you an energy boost? We will work together to have you journal your food choices for several days and customize a plan to make sure you are always feeling your energetic best.

* Holiday Eating - candy, cookies, cake, alcohol, etc - as we approach each major holiday season we all know we will be faced with many tempting treats that might make us feel a bit off balance and thrown off our routine. Lets explore some healthy and delicious alternatives for the holidays that you and your family can enjoy without the guilt.  


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September 13- Haven Fall Fashion Event 

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Club room at 55 Station Landing (2nd Floor), Medford MA (across from Pizzeria Regina)